Switching Solutions

Network switches are no longer simply devices for connecting multiple users and resources. Today, Local Area Network (LAN) switches form the very core of an organisation’s technology infrastructure.They also provide the foundation for advanced services including integrated security, converged services (voice, data and video), optimised application delivery, virtualisation, and operational manageability. The network is now the platform for delivering an increasingly complex number of business enabling applications and services.

Wireless Access Solutions

We offer a wide range of high performance outdoor wireless solutions, with class-leading features which includes - Higher wireless throughput - up 300 Mbps and more, via Worlds class managed wireless access solutions providers. Longer range - tuned wireless technology to achieve distances up to 40km Greater security – Our wireless solutions blend TKIP and 256Bit AES encryption with vrndors own compression, to provide complete peace of mind. Find out more

Routing Solutions

The key issues are capacity and streamlining operations while reducing costs. Integration of your business applications across the network including transaction processing, telecommuting, VPN, voice, video and data integration. HITS can create flexible solutions for your router requirements, supporting a full range of technologies and applications, while providing the right equipment at the right price.

Solutions for Application Delivery

Network-based solutions to optimise the delivery of applications across the network are becoming critical; delivering adaptive data compression, network-level security functionality, selective caching, load balancing and connection management. Application delivery controllers provide a set of functions to optimise reliability, end-user performance, data centre resource usage and security for a variety of enterprise applications.

Solutions for IP Video Security

The advantages of IP Video can best be highlighted by looking at the disadvantages of analog CCTV. In many ways traditional coax or fibre based video systems are limited. Installation costs over large areas are prohibitive and the number of monitoring stations is limited due to the investment required to replicate costly switching infrastructure. The analog matrix is the component that provides control room flexibility for analog CCTV systems, but this too cannot be easily expanded without adding new hardware and it is location dependent. Therefore overall scalability, i.e. the cost of expansion, is poor. Even though the introduction of DVRs has improved the recording capabilities of analog CCTV, these too are limited

Solutions for Audio-Video Conferencing

Leader in the design, installation, and support of easy to use and reliable collaboration solutions for business, education, health care, and government, HITS will help your organization enhance communication, improve productivity, and increase efficiency.

UTM and Security Solutions

While the Internet offers small and medium businesses significant advantages, it also raises security concerns. HITS offers & delivers robust, affordable and easily manageable Internet security solutions to protect the network resources of branch offices and small businesses. The solutions are scalable security provides secure data communications and protects online transactions with a solution that your business won't outgrow.

Effortless M2M Communications

With 20 years of experience of supplying, designing and offering solutions of Data Communications through modems, HITS has become the 'standard' when it comes to delivering quality modem solutions for the M2M (machine-to-machine) market. Our solutions includes analog and cellular modems as well as server cards and modem accessories. These device networking solutions connect virtually any serial device to the Internet or IP network for remote monitoring, control and configuration. Whether you want to connect via cellular or dial-up, we have a solution. This makes device networking both easy and affordable.

Solution for Home Automation

Imagine a one-point command & control system for your entire premises, that works 24x7x365. Presenting, ConnectedHome.Its biggest appeal is security enhancement & integrating video surveillance, access control, break-in detection, auto-alarms and leakage detection into a powerful and customizable package & that you can access and operate from anywhere with mobile or internet connectivity. ConnectedHome manages energy consumption, identifying and saving countless instances of energy leakage wastage, without compromising comfort.