The complete IP Video Security Solutions Details

Network-based solutions to optimise the delivery of applications across the network are becoming critical; delivering adaptive data compression, network-level security functionality, selective caching, load balancing and connection management. Application delivery controllers provide a set of functions to optimise reliability, end-user performance, data centre resource usage and security for a variety of enterprise applications
For enterprise systems IP Video also offers a high level of redundancy. In the event of an emergency the control and monitoring capability can be easily transferred to any other point on the network either on or off site. Redundant networks allow the system to keep operating even if one link or switch goes down and redundant NVRs allow recordings to survive even if one recorder fails or is destroyed. These features allow IP Video systems to deliver a level of integrity far higher than is possible with analog CCTV systems.
Having everything based around a network allows system wide diagnostics to ensure everything is running smoothly. Every device can be continuously monitored and an alarm raised if anything fails. This is not possible with an analog system where camera feeds have to be manually monitored to ensure trouble-free operation and the potential exists for a fault to go unnoticed for a long period of time.
This is particularly an issue with DVRs, as a fault will not necessarily be flagged and recordings for all cameras could be lost, again for a long period of time. analog systems can implement limited diagnostics but this depends on the different components used and is not an integral part of the system.

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