Effortless M2M (Mobile to Mobile) Communications

With 20 years of experience of supplying, designing and offering solutions of Data Communications through modems, HITS has become the 'standard' when it comes to delivering quality modem solutions for the M2M (machine-to-machine) market. Our solutions includes analog and cellular modems as well as server cards and modem accessories. These device networking solutions connect virtually any serial device to the Internet or IP network for remote monitoring, control and configuration. Whether you want to connect via cellular or dial-up, we have a solution. This makes device networking both easy and affordable.

The solution protects and secure the network from following threats

  • Transportation Streamline transport systems and track assets with access to real-time reports on location, mileage, fuel usage and distances: GPS tracking, asset tracking, fleet management.
  • Energy Improve efficiency and reliability of power delivery with Multi-Tech’s M2M solutions: Smart meters, alternative energy, oil and gas: pipelines, car charging stations.
  • Healthcare Reduce costly hospital visits and potentially save lives with tele-health technology enabled by Multi-Tech: Home, mobile and remote healthcare solutions.
  • Financial-Retail Set up shop anywhere without worrying about phoneline access: Perfect for ATMs, POS (point of sale), gaming, vending and remote kiosks.
  • Remote Monitoring Monitor your assets in real-time from anywhere on the globe with a Multi-Tech enabled M2M communications solution: Surveillance, homeland security, industrial sensors, HVAC.