Home Automation Solution

Imagine a one-point command & control system for your entire premises, that works 24x7x365. Presenting, ConnectedHome.Its biggest appeal is security enhancement & integrating video surveillance, access control, break-in detection, auto-alarms and leakage detection into a powerful and customizable package & that you can access and operate from anywhere with mobile or internet connectivity. ConnectedHome manages energy consumption, identifying and saving countless instances of energy leakage & wastage, without compromising comfort.


  • There‚Äôs more to ConnectedHome than security and energy saving: it can create ambiences integrating temperature, lighting and audio-visual environments customised to suit your needs.
  • It acts as a one-stop audio-visual media and communications center, integrating fax, telephone, internet, cable/ DTH television, home theatre and stereo.
  • Besides that, ConnectedHome can also operate appliances like aircons, refrigerators, coffee makers, microwaves, water pump & sprinklers, motorized blinds, lights and more.